Sunset Sounio & Athens Riviera Tour-taxi

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No need to get on a ferry to escape the hustle and bustle of the Greek capital! Sit back, relax and enjoy the endless views of the Saronic sea, sun, and beauty beginning just 10 miles from the center of the city. Your first stop will be the picturesque Lake Vouliagmeni, which lies “sunk” (Vouliagméni means sunk) in the remains of a huge limestone cave fed by lukewarm springs welling from underground. The lake’s mineral and brackish waters feel absolutely silky while swimming whereas it is reportedly healing for rheumatism and arthritis! This coastal tour continues through marvellous resorts such as Lagonissi and Saronida and ends at Cape Sounio. There you will see the impressive Temple of Poseidon – the last piece of the ancient Athenians’ homeland every time they sailed into the Aegean. This tour is perfect day or night but our favorite time is during the sunset! Cameras ready please! Watch the sunset fill the sky with every shade of mauve and pink making the sea glow like a beautiful sapphire! The view from here is exquisite especially at night under a full moon. Sunset is the most popular time to visit Sounion.


Lake Vouliagmeni

Temple of Poseidon

Athenian Riviera Coastline


Mercedes e-class taxi


bottled water

baby seats upon request

complimentary booking of dinner/lunch reservations

Not Included

Entrance fees to sites


Licensed Guide to accompany you to each site


-Lake Vouliagmeni: Vouliagmeni Lake is quite mysterious & atmospheric and famous for its healing properties. Its water maintains a constant 24 degrees Celsius temperature year round. Because of its constant and comfortable water temperature, the lake functions as a year-round spa.
Secret fact: This natural lake continues deep inside the mountain in an underwater cave never fully explored, as its end seems impossible to trace even by employing sonar detection.

-Cape Sounion is noted as the site of ruins of an ancient Greek temple of Poseidon, the god of the sea in classical mythology. The ruins bear the deeply engraved name of English Romantic poet Lord Byron (1788–1824). Can you find it?

-Athenian Riviera-Sit back & enjoy one of the longest coastlines in Europe!