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Opa Tours was born in 2015 in our beloved Athens, during the peak of the economic crisis in Greece. Three loving friends with a common background and passion for hospitality & tourism came together to create Opa Tours, a personalized destination management company specializing in welcoming strangers & sending home friends. We wanted our name to embody positivity, our vision, personality, and above all else love and respect for Hellas, our country, the cradle of western civilization. OPA: is a Greek Word frequently used as an ‘Exclamation’, a word or pronouncement of celebration; the celebration of life itself. It is another way of expressing joy and gratitude to god, life and nature, for bringing us into the state of ultimate wisdom; that all that really matters is health, family, and friends. It is a humorous affirmation that you’re the best; that you’re where you’re supposed to be and that you need to stop and celebrate.

Our Values

We are committed to being the best in everything we do Countless hours are spent to ensure that we bring you tours that are of exceptional value. We plan to keep learning and keep growing to be able to provide the best product at the most affordable price. Putting our customers’ happiness first Our responsibility to you is to provide an exceptional service and product from your initial contact with us until you are happily home after a trip of a lifetime. We rely on your feedback to continuously do all in our power to improve our tours and services. Treating our employees, guides and agents like family For us, it’s the connections we value: with friendly knowledgeable guides, with partners who share our passion for outstanding travel experiences, and with local people along the way—historians, farmers, cultivators, and musicians—who really make the Opa Tours experience unique. Leaving the natural world better than you found it Let’s face it. Even the most “responsible” travel has an impact on the world. So we strive, every day, for our net impact to be positive. Our goal is to form a symbiotic relationship with the places we go, so that not only do they benefit, but our travelers also return home with a better understanding of their place in the world. We strive to provide authentic experiences We seek out opportunities to discover history and understand culture through real experiences by introducing you to unknown sites and villages that are tucked away in the valleys and mountains of Greece.

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Athens Sightseeing | Opatours
Special Tours in Greece | Opatours