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Your trip to majestic Greece is beginning, maybe you’ve been here before, maybe you haven’t, perhaps your traveling for business or pleasure. Either way Start your trip off right, treat yourself, avoid waiting and looking for stigmas and Wifi after a long flight or cruise. Travel with ease and tranquility, for all you must do is collect your luggage and exit. There you will find your Opa driver, a local Athenian, happily waiting to give you an authentic warm Greek welcome. He/She will assist you with your luggage immediately, offer you a much needed complimentary bottle of water in the comfort of a brand new fully insured air conditioned vehicle. Sit back, cool down, enjoy the free WiFi & pleasant conversation because after all first impressions last and we are here to make yours unforgettable.Picking you up from your hotel or Airbnb is usually much easier than from anywhere else. Your Opa vehicle of choice will be parked outside of your housing accommodation. Your driver will assist you with all luggage as you exit. All prices include taxes and tolls.
Prices are per vehicle and per service offered. Participants can share the cost between them. Between the hours of 12:00-5:00 AM there is a double tariff imposed therefore the total price for transfers during these hours will be increased.

Port Pick Up

Congrats! You just made your first friend.

Traveling by boat can be exhausting & unpredictable. Ports in Greece are big and confusing. Book an Opa Port Transfer and be greeted as soon as you exit your boat or cruise ship. Your nauseousness will transform into excitement as you walk out and see your welcome sign held by a smiling welcoming professional ready to help with luggage and swift you away to your destination of choice in one of our brand new spotless Mercedes Benz vehicles. Get comfortable, enjoy the bottled water & pleasant conversation!
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Port Drop Off

We hope to see you soon!

Ports around Athens are hard to get to, our drivers have researched and discovered the safest and shortest routes. Rest assured your Opa driver will arrive early to assist you with your luggage. They will ask if you have your passport & related documents just in case! A quick stop for coffee or a snack is always suggested. I am sure you have noticed by now, our culture strongly revolves around coffee & food. Enjoy the scenic route or take advantage of the complimentary Wifi to respond to emails, call a friend, or spread the love by submitting a review for us!
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