5 best day trips from Athens

Athens is a bustling metropolis that offers travelers an abundance of fascinating historical sites, amazing museums, and great places to eat, drink, and have fun. However, it can also be your starting point for further exploring Greece. So, if you feel like a day away from the city, here’s where you could go to make it count.


1. Delphi, the panhellenic sanctuary

When the leaders of Ancient Greece struggled with a decision, they climbed the slopes of Mount Parnassus to Delphi. There, Pythia, the high priestess of Apollo, revealed to them the will of the Gods. Today the Olympians are silent, but Delphi retains its mystical charm and extraordinary natural beauty. It’s also home to many important monuments and an impressive archaeological museum. Only two hours away from downtown Athens, it’s the single day trip you just cannot miss.


2. Meteora, a place in the sky

At the northwestern edge of the endless Thessalian plain, there’s an array of enormous natural rock pillars that look like they once sprung from the earth trying to reach the heavens. A unique geological curiosity, the rocks of Meteora host a group of Eastern Orthodox monasteries that have been “hanging in mid-air” for seven centuries and going. Today Meteora is both a place of pilgrimage and a major tourist attraction, a must-see for every traveler visiting Greece.


3. Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympics

During Classical times, Greeks from every state or kingdom made truce and flocked to a serene valley in the Peloponnese to collectively honor Zeus, the King of Gods. The Olympic Games were held every four years in Olympia in a heavenly location that’s still home to the Olympic idea to this day. A site of enduring natural beauty and timeless cultural value, Ancient Olympia offers visitors a rare chance to travel in time through a rich collection of well-preserved remnants from the sanctuary’s glorious past.


4. Corinthia and Argolis, land of mighty Kings

Pass the Isthmus of Corinth, the narrow piece of land connecting the Peloponnese peninsula to the Greek mainland, to find yourself taking an incredible day trip through Greek history. Jump from Ancient Corinth, once the wealthiest city-state in Greece, to Mycenae, the hotbed of the Mycenaean civilization. Visit the near perfectly constructed ancient theater of Epidaurus and roam the streets of Nafplio, the picturesque historic capital of the First Hellenic Republic.


5. Nemea, home to legendary red wine

Legend has it that when Hercules slaughtered the Nemean lion, he celebrated with local wine, produced from an indigenous grape variety. Nemea is the famous wine-producing region that’s closer to Athens, which makes it perfect for a quick wine-tasting trip. Unfortunately, the local Agiorgitiko grape cannot be scientifically traced back to ancient times. But it’s one of the most important Greek varieties today, with a wide range of characteristics that are worth getting acquainted with.

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