10 things to do in Athens 2019

If you plan on visiting Athens sometime next year, but you’re not sure when, don’t be hasty. First, take a few minutes to check out this quick guide to 10 things you can do in the Greek capital throughout 2019:

1. Take a gastronomy tour

Greek gastronomy is a booming industry. Foodies can choose among many different food tours around the Athenian gourmet hangouts to get acquainted with the best of local flavors.

2. Run a half marathon

To distance running enthusiasts, the Athens International Half Marathon on March 17 provides a unique opportunity. Join in and race your peers under the gaze of some of the world’s greatest historical

3. Jam with The Cure

40 years after their inaugural LP, The Cure play in Athens on July 17. Kickstart your Greek holidays in the heart of the Mediterranean summer with an unforgettable night of timeless music.

4. Watch the world’s oldest still-active theatre company

The Epidaurus Ancient Theatre hosts the Comedie-Francaise and Ivo van Hove with the combined adaptation “Electra/Orestes”. Also, Robert Wilson makes his Epidaurus debut with his version of “Oedipus”.

5. Enjoy the “Countless Aspects of Beauty”

If you find yourself in Athens before May 19, stop by the National Archaeological Museum. Witness a history of beauty and aesthetic trends from the Neolithic times to late antiquity.

6. Remember Alexander Lamont Henderson

Photography buffs have until May 5 to see a part of what remains from Henderson’s mostly lost body of work. The 86 glass plates depicting Athenian life in 1904 are exhibited at the Benaki Museum.

7. Roam the Emperor’s Forbidden City

If you’re in Athens during the first 45 days of the year, don’t miss out on a rare opportunity. Visit the Acropolis Museum for an inside view into the Chinese culture under the celebrated reign of Emperor Qianlong.

8. Have fun at the Carnival

From mid-February to March 10, Athens celebrates the carnival. All kinds of festivities take place around the city’s lively streets and hip neighborhoods.

9. Indulge in the Chocolate Fest

February is the sweetest month of 2019 for Athenians and visitors. The city’s flagship cultural center is host to four days full of chocolate-inspired events and festivities.

10. Celebrate the art of cinema

Cinephiles, skip the high season. In late September, the city’s International Film Festival celebrates its 25th anniversary with a special line up of brand new flicks and unforgettable classics.


That’s it!

Now, pick your favorite activity and start booking!

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